Friday, 13 April 2012

The News :D

Well i have gotten a hone call about the operation :D.. Kinda good news i suppose :D... So it will be a few weeks till i am brought in for it but i will be brought in as an out patient for a check up and i could be kept in for the operation or sent home till another day :/ .. A bit annoying really but at least ill be getting it :D.. I don't know how to feel about it i am so scared because i away from all my family and friends but i know its the right thing and the best option for me :)..  So that's all the news i have really got at the moment till i get a call.

I went to my godsons christening today and its was lovely he looked so cute :D.. I am staying strong i have broke down a few times but not much i do not think i realize to be honest i think i am just numb kinda :(..  I have a lot of things to keep me going for the next month so i cant wait for them.. I have all Ireland's this month and in May and then i have my amazing brothers wedding which i cannot wait for going to be so good :D... That's all the news i really have only for i am doing okay i am hanging in there and being strong and getting on with my life like i should :D... 

I always said cancer will never stop me living my life and i mean it :D... So thank you everyone for reading my blog and getting me into the 2 thousands means so much :D.. I will update everyone on when the operation is :D.. So for now goodbye..

Peace out :D.. Lots Of Love...

Lisa Bracken xxx

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