Monday, 26 March 2012

I new there was something wrong.

I was sixteen years old and I was up in county down with all my friends having so  much fun. I was enjoying my teenage years. I remember ringing my mam one night crying because I was in a lot of pain. I came home the next day not myself at all. Me and my sister were crying as she new I wasn't myself. I went down to the doctors the next day and explained to her that i was getting really bad pains in my stomach and passing stool too much. I DEMANDED that I be sent to hospital because I new I wasn't right. I was brought over to hospital that night and my mam and dad came too. I was in accident and emergency waiting for hours as you usually would when I finally got called. They asked me all the normal question and of course I explained. The doctor did a few tests with my back passage and he found some blood then I got told I was being admitted. I cried so hard I didn't want to stay I hated hospitals. 
I was in hospital for for eight days. They fasted me for six days. The fourth day I was there they decided to do a colonoscopy. I had to drink a drink called pico lax that day and I will never forget the pain I went through when i drank that drink. It was clearing me out for the colonoscopy and I was in excruciating pain from three O clock that day till seven the next morning and all I could do was cry. I was discharged after eight days. 
I got a phone call that evening saying that I had a MRI scan the next day in Tullamore. So the next day came and I went to get my MRI, I didn't like that one bit it was terrifying. I was only home when i got a call from a girl called Delia who is a secretary in James's Hospital saying could I come up tomorrow to meet with a consultant called Dr P McCormick.....

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