Monday, 26 March 2012

I wasn't expecting this.

I remember after getting that call thinking "Well why do I have to go up there?". I got home and that night i was sitting in my room and said to my sister "What if they say I have cancer ill die". 
The morning cam and me, my mam, dad and sister began are journey to the hospital. We arrived and were called in straight away and as we walked to the room i got real hot a worried and we were greeted by Dr P McCormick and his secretary Delia. We talked for a minute as he asked me why I went to Portlaoise hospital and I explained. He brought me to the bed and was pushing down on my stomach. He told me to sit down as he washed his hands. He walked over he had a real worried look on his face. He turned to me I will never forget what he said to me till the day I die.
You don't have Crones disease, You don't have irritable bowel syndrome, you have CANCER. My stomach sank we all broke down in tears. I remember saying "What how can I I am only sixteen its not fair". He said i know its not and we do not know how you got it because you are so young. He left me , my mam, dad and sister for a few minutes to sink it in and all we did was cry in each others arms. I turned to me dad and said im going to die dad. He said no your not.
Dr McCormick came back in and explained that he would like me up next Thursday to talk about it and about an operation. I didn't even want talk but I said that's fine shook his hand and went. I went home and just had to sink it in and try be strong and wait till I had to go back up to hospital. I never cried as much in me life and I hated putting my family through it all.

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