Monday, 26 March 2012

The worst day ever.

The day had arrived the day I never thought would happen to me. I was never men't to get this in my body or even cancer I always thought i wad tight but I was wrong. The saying is true bad things happen to good people. I arrived in the day ward an I went for bloods. They connected a line and tube to the port in my chest and drew blood it was disgusting. I headed down to the room where I was greeted by loads or nurses. I looked around and seen so many old people I was the youngest and I felt so weird being here. I got the steroids in me and then the chemo started. It felt fine was not as bad as I thought but I slept all day it made me so tired. I was woke up where the little bag was put on me it was the chemo in a bottle that was in a bad put around my waist with tubes everywhere. That stayed on me till the Friday. This all went on till that January and was so tiring on not just me my hole family. I had break downs everyday nearly I had to go to a phyciatrist and all. Its not a nice thing and would not wish it upon anybody in this world. I could never go out because it was too cold on my hands and face so was stook in all the time. I know I didn't have it hard as most people but to be 16 17 and getting this disease is not nice at all. I never wanted a sympathy vote off anyone but appreciated all the love and support I got. Unfortunately I could not finish school and do not have a leaving cert but here life goes on.
In January 2011 I had got a ct scan an had finally got good news the cancer was gone fore good i was in remission and could live my life. Unfortunately I had to go for regular scans but other wise i could live my life all I wanted :D.  I could never wish foe a better miracle.
My life went on like normal I met the most amazing boyfriend ever that i am still with today and that I love to bits. My sister had a baby who is my godson and I love with all my heart and my family don't have to hurt any more :D. 
Then a turn for the worst :( my brothers partner Dave's father passed away just before Christmas from cancer also. He was an amazing man always said I was his inspiration and I miss him dearly. He was so kind hearted and lovely father and husband. Every time I look at Dave I see him in a way I am happy but sad too because he didn't deserve to die he was so young. R.I.P Robbie gone but never ever forgotten :D xx

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